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SBN’s Meet Our Ambassadors Series

Ambassadors are SBN Members that commit to one year of expanded involvement within our network. They serve as flag-bearers for SBN. In this series, we highlight the work and stories of our Ambassadors.
How long have you been an SBN member and when did you first hear about SBN and its mission?

The Blue Door Group has been a member for 3 years. We heard about SBN from colleagues who suggested it as a great place to meet other business owners.

Can you share a moment or experience that solidified your commitment to triple-bottom line principles for businesses?

Our involvement in SBN has encouraged us to think about triple-bottom line principles. Our business is small, so we have a very small footprint. But, we had so much fun at the SBN winter party in 2014 that we just wanted to be part of this amazing community of businesses — which continue to inspire us!

What aspects of your business are you most proud of? And do you have any recent projects, events, or news that you are excited about that you want to share with our network?

Our Interactive Design and Facilitation Train-the-Trainer was the kick-off event for our business and continues to be at the core of the work we do. It grew out of our learning from four years running the Philadelphia Trainers’ Collaborative, a volunteer-led skill-sharing group for area educators, trainers, and organizers. We’re so glad to be able to continue convening people from across the non-profit, academic, business, and public sectors to learn and share skills around interactive approaches to education and training.

What is your vision for the sustainable business community in the Philadelphia region?

I would like to see sustainable business practices become the new “business as usual” so much so that the qualifier becomes unnecessary.

What is your favorite SBN program or member benefit?

I love the social events. There are always interesting people to talk to. I’ve also learned a lot from seeing how SBN went through its strategic planning process, engaging a wide range of stakeholders.

How did you end up in Philadelphia?

I went to college at Haverford. Then I came back in 2005 because of friends who live here. One of those friends is now one of my business partners!

What do you love about our city / region?

Philly’s dress-down style — people tell you exactly what they think. Also, I love the small-town feel of this place.

What is your favorite place in Philadelphia to spend your day off?

Bartram’s Garden or Tinicum/John Heinz Nature Reserve. But more often, Clark Park.

What is your favorite restaurant or bar in Philadelphia?

Hands down, Sitar — and specifically their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. Blue Door’s number one team lunch favorite. Close second: Taco Angeleno.

To learn more about Jessica and her work, visit Blue Door Group, LLC on their website or Facebook page.

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