HomeMeet Our Fair Chance Hiring Panel: Quaker City Coffee’s Bob Logue

Our June 20 Best Practice Forum will present a chance for business owners to hear from a group of business owners and professionals who will speak about their vision and practices for supporting re-entry, hiring returning citizens, and building an inclusive economy. We are proud to announce our panelists, including Quaker City Coffee’s Bob Logue.

Logue is also a Co-Owner of Federal Donuts and Bodhi Coffee. Quaker City Coffee is a profit-sharing company centered on job creation for returning citizens. With jobs available for returning citizens that include not only in-house customer service work, but positions in sales, shipping, human resources and community relations, Quaker City hopes to create a dynamic team of returning citizen entrepreneurs.

Bob, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

The hustle involved to create opportunities for folks in my city through the entrepreneurial ventures I’m involved in and to create prosperity for my family.

How did the Quaker City Coffee mission evolve from idea to reality?

I was fortunate enough to have relationships in place with the local artisanal food service companies and also with folks on the front lines fighting poverty and injustice. I put them all together. Creating a company is never easy but creating this one required a lot of due diligence of a different sort. To be honest, the research and development phase is still underway. The good thing is since we exist and actually engage as a company with products to sell, the word continues to spread about the ways we can uplift and be inclusive of all those living in our city and not just the traditionally more affluent sectors.

What advice would you give to a company who wants to follow in your footsteps and create a company centered on job creation for returning citizens?

Collaborate with us and the countless folks around us who see the big picture. I’ll introduce you, sit with you, share our experiences. Any organization or company wanting to do this should be part of a collective of companies doing the same things. We need to learn from each other.

Learn more about Quaker City Coffee here and on Instagram.

Register for our June 20 Best Practice Forum at Kismet Cowork Spring Arts (8:00-10: 30 am).