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Your business is the cornerstone of our region’s economy. Amid COVID-19, and increasing calls for social equity and climate action, our local business community’s survival is more critical now than ever. To support our region’s local businesses as they assess what rebuilding and reinventing means for them, SBN is launching a new program series: Rebuilding with Equity and Climate Resilience.

The yearlong workshop series is designed to provide you with a framework and toolkit to help stabilize and rebuild your business while being positive contributors to a strong, equitable, and climate-resilient local economy. The series will consist of virtual workshop sessions to help you implement solutions inside your own company and surrounding communities. Experts will lead each session and examine systems change strategies that address the following topics:

  • workplace culture
  • hiring practice
  • equitable and climate-resistant supply chains
  • values-driven practices on business services and needs
  • marketing and branding
  • employee policies 

We will use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international standards organization that helps businesses become more transparent and take responsibility for their impacts to establish and create goals and measure your success throughout the program.

With guidance from the GRI’s definitions and structure, we hope each session will help you look inward and ask pertinent questions for you and your business. SBN chose relevant topics relating to this series and prepared shortened versions that follow the GRI standards guidelines.

Additionally, we will provide a toolkit to all attendees, including each session’s recordings, a workbook, a goal-setting and self-guiding framework that will use the GRI’s standards, and a seal of completion. The toolkit will be assembled and created over the year and available for sale after completing the full series. Individual recordings will also be available throughout the course.

All sessions are free for SBN members and on sale for non-members.

Right now, our local business community is at a critical point. SBN is committed to helping you rebuild your business and our local economy with social equity and climate resilience at the forefront.

Gov. Wolf Welcomes Local Business Owners to SBN’s Rebuilding Series

This past October, we launched our Rebuilding with Equity and Climate Resilience series with opening remarks from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and a keynote address from AMIBA’s Executive Director Derek Peebles. See Governor Wolf’s address below!



Rebuilding Series: Making Mindful Choices for Your Business 

Date: Wednesday, April 7 

Time: 9 am 

Tickets: FREE for members and non-members 

Join SBN for a workshop on ways business owners and leaders can assess their business practices, discover the resources and action steps needed to plan for the future, and attentively select business providers that align with their goals.

Find out more, and register for this event here.