SBN Memberships

Consider joining at a higher level to increase your membership experience and support of a just, green, and thriving local economy.

Level 1
$125 for 1 year
Businesses that are just starting out and looking to learn best practices and make connections. They also are seeking affordable promotional opportunities.
Level 2
$350 for 1 year
More established businesses experiencing growth who want expanded promotional opportunities. Members who want to engage with our industry-specific initiative Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners are required to become at least Level 2 Members.
Level 3
$750 for 1 year
Businesses that are looking for a deeper experience within our network and the sustainable business community at large. Level 3 members are not only here to learn but to set a high watermark in the local economy.
Level 4
$1,500 for 1 year
The level for businesses who are at the forefront of the sustainable business community and want to make an investment in SBN to demonstrate significant support of our programs and initiatives.