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“Moving on from SBN: My Sincerest of Thank Yous”

Dear SBN Community,
I am writing to inform you that effective December 30, I am leaving my position as SBN Executive Director to take on the role of Senior Director of Public Partnerships at the Fairmount Park Conservancy.
I am also writing to thank you. Your support of and contribution to our organization has made SBN a pleasure to lead for these past four years.
In my eyes, SBN is one of the most important organizations in this region. It provides a home and a voice for business leaders who know the truth about business. That every decision a business makes has a social and environmental impact, so a triple bottom line approach is the only kind that makes sense. That businesses are not just important, but necessary, stakeholders in creating positive social change. And, that care for our environment does not preclude the existence of a thriving economy, but, instead, will catalyze one.
Through your innovative business models, responsible practices, and willingness to share your stories, the SBN community is demonstrating how business should be done in a time where such demonstration is imperative. It is the business organization that most appeals to my values and beliefs, and it has been an absolute honor to serve as Executive Director.
Thank you, for working with me and my team over the past four years to move our organization, community, and mission, forward.
For helping us to create our strategic plan, Good Economy 2020, which will shape SBN’s actions over the next four years.
For participating, as we used our public policy platform, the Good Economy Challenge, to engage in the 2015 primary election, influence the early actions of our new mayor and council leaders, and win legislative victories like the expansion of the Sustainable Business Tax Credit program.
For helping us to build a thriving industry partnership for local green stormwater infrastructure businesses through GSI Partners, uncovering the potential of green industry in the process.
For cheering us on, as we brought in new funding, and welcomed new members of our team.
For every holiday party, annual meeting, and SustainaBall, you attended, adding to the fun of our community, and building the bonds and connections, too.
Thank you, most of all, for being a member.
Though I am departing from our organization, I am not departing from our mission.
In my new role, I will help the Fairmount Park Conservancy to leverage citywide initiatives, including Rebuild, a planned $700M of much-needed capital investment in our city’s system of parks, recreation centers, and libraries. In a way, it is a natural extension of my work at SBN, as transformative improvements to neighborhoods will improve our local economy, too.
Thank you, again, for your support to me and to SBN. During this next month, I will be working closely with SBN’s board and staff to ensure minimal disruption, and to create the best and most welcoming environment possible for SBN’s next leader. Please stay tuned, for additional outreach from our board, on our full leadership transition plan.

Jamie Gauthier
Executive Director