HomeSBN Call for Board Member Candidates (2019-2022 Term)

The Leadership and Nominations Committee for the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) is now accepting applications for open positions on our Board of Directors. The SBN Board of Directors is a working Board that establishes direction, determines policies, advances revenue generation and fundraising strategies, and helps implement the programs and activities of the organization. 

For the Board term beginning February 2019, we will have a maximum of five (5) open positions to fill on our Board of 18 total Directors. Candidates must hold a personal or business membership with SBN in order to apply.

We continue to be committed to creating a diverse board that represents our membership in terms of business size, business sector, regional location, race/ethnicity, age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity or expression  All applications are very welcome.

Board Expectations

  • Attend Board meetings (6x/year)
  • Participate in an annual 2-day strategic planning retreat
  • Participate in and/or lead at least one Committee
  • Support the organization through regular attendance at events
  • Actively support SBN fundraising through “give or get” approach
  • Promote SBN & recruit new members by being an active ambassador
  • Actively support SBN membership recruiting efforts
  • Serve full three-year Board term

How to Apply

Candidate application form is available here.  Application are due no later than Friday, October 5, 2018. All candidates must complete the candidate application form, which asks for a resumé, a statement about why the candidate is interested in joining the Board and an explanation of the skills and expertise that the candidate would bring to the Board.  Scan and send completed candidate application forms via email to [email protected].  

Selection Process and Timeline

If you are selected to be interviewed for a Board seat, interviews will take place in November. After all interviews and deliberation are complete, the Leadership and Nominations Committee will propose a slate of candidates to the Board for approval in December.  If you are among the candidates on the approved slate, you will be invited to attend the Annual Membership Meeting in January 2019, where the SBN Members who are present will vote on the candidates, finalizing the new Board members.


SBN Leadership & Nominations Committee
Colleen Bracken, Chair
Allegra Derengowski
Amy Kate Failing
Tiffany Rolfing