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Past Chair, Community Energy Inc.

Amy Kate Failing

Amy is a sustainability marketing professional, leading Marketing Operations for renewable energy supply and development company, Community Energy, Inc. Amy has grown in her career as an energetic and passionate leader, working to transform both our local communities and the greater planet through consumer engagement in sustainable products and services. Amy has strong expertise in communications, brand management, business development, and strategic operations. Prior to working in renewable energy, Amy sought experience in the health & wellness and food industries, even taking on an international assignment with a large, multinational company in Dublin, Ireland, which gave her a global perspective on climate impact as a result of business operations.

Amy’s fresh perspective as a young professional has given her the ability to bring creative strategy and insight to all roles she takes on, using her broad sustainability knowledge as a keen driving force behind addressing all challenges. She has a deep commitment to the City of Philadelphia and strives to grow in her opportunities to serve the greater community through meaningful work.