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Government Relations Manager

Andrea C. Anastasi

Andrea joined SBN in May 2018 as the Government Relations Manager. Much of her career has focused on supporting people and communities through an integrated approach involving advocacy, education, outreach, mobilization efforts, and the cultivation of healthy relationships.

Andrea’s extensive work at both the policy level and in direct services has enhanced her understanding that solutions to systemic problems require an awareness of the interconnected nature of all things. This, in turn, has strengthened her commitment to advocating for policies and practices that support sustainability and the triple bottom line.

Prior to joining SBN, Andrea provided legal services and counsel to underrepresented individuals at local public interest organizations. She also advocated with and on behalf of marginalized people and groups in support of the advancement of social justice issues, including civil rights, health care, education, and the environment. Andrea’s collective experiences have taught her that advocating for social justice, including sustainability, can take many unexpected and magical forms. In light of this, she welcomes all opportunities to effect positive change, shift perspectives, cultivate mindful awareness, and connect people to help the arc of the moral universe continue to bend toward justice.

“I think that one of the most exciting aspects of SBN’s mission is its implicit awareness that everything is interconnected and that developing and promoting business practices and policies that embrace and nurture this fundamental interdependence is in the best interest of the community, the environment, businesses, and our collective future.”