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Membership Manager

Larry Downey

Born to a working-class family in the Fishtown neighborhood of the city, Larry is a native Philadelphian. With limited resources and Woodstock-era parents, the concept of growing food in the backyard, using bicycles for transportation, and reusing everything possible was simply a way of life for his family.

Those principals of sustainable living were nurtured into his personal ethos from childhood and matured into a passion for helping to create more equitable and sustainable economies.

For the past five years, Larry served as the Community Manager for Lowcountry Local First whose work includes local economic development, training and support for local business owners, awareness and education efforts aimed at the general public, and advocacy for policies that recognize the importance of a strong, diverse local economy. At Low Country Local First he developed deep relationships with members and an understanding of their needs in order to help inform the direction and work of that organization. After spending a total of fifteen years in the Charleston, SC he is excited to bring his experience in supporting local economies and building strong local communities back home!

“With a true understanding of your mission, together, we can build a strong community of like-minded businesses striving toward a more equitable and sustainable future for the region.”