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The Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners (GSI Partners) is a priority initiative of SBN.  The GSI Partners are a network of industry professionals working to advance the local green stormwater infrastructure industry and innovation in the Greater Philadelphia region.  Members are an ever-growing network of locally-owned engineering firms; landscape architects; landscape design, build, and maintenance firms; contractors; product and material suppliers, and more. For some businesses, GSI is their primary focus; for others, GSI is just part of the work they do.

SBN launched the GSI Partners in January 2013 in response to Philadelphia’s ambitious and innovative stormwater management plan, Green City, Clean Waters. The long-term control plan sets aside $2 billion and goals for 25 years to protect and enhance our urban watersheds, manage our urban stormwater, and meet EPA Clean Water Act regulations in a completely different way than has ever been done before by any U.S. city: with green stormwater infrastructure.

Several reports project the enormous potential local economic growth that will be a direct result of the public and private investments in green stormwater infrastructure that the policy is catalyzing. SBN and its GSI Partners are in great support Green City, Clean Waters and its Triple Bottom Line goals, and are working to support the realization of its full potential.

The GSI Partners have quarterly meetings, networking opportunities, educational workshops, and working committees.  We advocate on behalf of our members, and with partner organizations, to ensure that public and private GSI investments remain with local businsiness as much as possible, and that the greenest approaches are facilitated and incentivized as much as possible. Additionally, the GSI Partners offer grants to our members to support their continuing education and professional development to help build capacity and remain competitive.

The GSI Partners are the resource for landowners, property owners, and developers who need to find qualified local businesses to contract with for their stormwater management needs.

The GSI Partners continue to invite new businesses to participate in this compelling regional business network aimed at long-term local economic growth in the GSI Industry.

Continuing Education Grants available:

Let SBN’s GSI Partners support professional development for you and your staff. 

We cover 75% of the cost of coursework, conferences, etc. to help your business remain competitive and advance in the growing GSI industry.

• $50k in grants available annually
• GSI Partners are eligible for up to $5,000/year
• Rolling application 

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Publications and Research:

Gray to Green: Jumpstarting Private Investment in Green Stormwater Infrastructure
Capturing the Storm: Profits, Jobs, and Training in Philadelphia’s Stormwater Industry
The Economic Impact of Green City, Clean Waters: The First Five Years (2016)

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