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Our Vision

We envision a future where businesses are investors in the quality of life for all citizens. We challenge and support the business community to build profitable enterprises that serve community needs, share wealth, and protect the environment.

For the Greater Philadelphia region, we will be an effective resource for dynamic, independent, locally-owned businesses that are committed to improving their environmental and social impacts as well as their profitability. We will be a national leader in the creation and integration of entrepreneurial and sustainable business practices. We will continue to establish new models for business operations that value people, planet and prosperity for all, leading by example.

We embrace the vision of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, the international coalition of sustainable business networks: “Within a generation, we envision a global system of human-scale, interconnected local economies that functions in harmony with local ecosystems, meets the basic needs of all people, supports just and democratic societies, and fosters joyful community life.”


Our Mission

The mission of the Sustainable Business Network is to build a just, green, and thriving economy in the Greater Philadelphia region.

We accomplish this by educating and growing a broad base of local, independent businesses and educating policymakers and the public.

Our Values

At the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, we are committed to realizing our organizational values through our work. We recognize that we are setting an unprecedented example for how businesses and communities can coexist, collaborate, and create a more sustainable society. We pledge to champion these values and to model them in our daily work, with the goal of inspiring others to do the same.

We consider our values when making any and all decisions at the Staff and Board level.

You can find SBN’s Non-Discrimination Policy here.

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Sustainability and Respect for the Earth

We believe that businesses have the responsibility to positively impact people, planet and profit. We respect the Earth and life in all its diversity and work to secure the Earth’s bounty and beauty for present and future generations. As a community of independent and locally-owned, responsible businesses, we believe we have the power and therefore the responsibility to model positive change in our communities.

Our Practice:

We measure our success by how well we care for our environment, by our positive interactions with all people, and by the profitability of our businesses. We educate the public and policymakers about the critical role of independent and locally-owned businesses in a sustainable economy. We treat all living beings with respect and consideration.

Community Self-reliance and Cooperation

Independent and locally owned businesses are at the heart of economic and community self-reliance. They are vital to interdependent, sustainable, resilient communities. We believe that in order to develop and thrive as a sustainable community, cooperation and collaboration are essential. Fair trade between communities creates a human-scale architecture for a sustainable global society.

Our Practice:

We work to increase personal, community and regional economic security. We build entrepreneurial capacity to ensure that basic needs as met as close to home as possible. We are committed to sourcing locally produced and/or fair trade goods and services whenever possible. We will create a relationship with our suppliers that assures that they are also committed to these principles.


We believe and appreciate the full range of our communities’ assets, perspectives and voices. We understand that the broadest possible participation of different cultures in our work is vital to our relevance to our region.

Our Practice:

We are mindful of and committed to having our Board, staff and members reflect the diversity of the Philadelphia region. We strive for intentional diversity so that multiple perspectives are reflected in our work.


We are joyfully creating a hopeful future.

Our Practice:

In order to create a positive future, we must imagine it. We communicate our message and educate our constituents with a commitment to the possible; continually driving toward a positive outcome for all.

Authenticity & Accountability

We seek to maintain honest, meaningful and caring relationships with our stakeholders. The SBN Board, staff and members are passionate people. We act responsibly and with the utmost integrity. We believe that honest, transparent and mutually communicative relationships help us to effectively implement our work and fulfill our mission.

Our Practice:

We communicate openly and respectfully with all current and possible stakeholders in our community. We operate with transparency, and we are accountable to our members and the broader community. We practice effective and responsive communication practices internally and externally.

Pioneering Leadership

We believe that to be truly dedicated to our values, we must be courageous and innovative. We will serve as role models for other businesses and organizations.

Our Practice:

We create new models for delivery of services such as research, entrepreneurship, education and business support services. Starting from our vision, we identify needs, talk with businesses and listen to their input, and together design ways to meet those needs. We are committed to the dissemination and replication of the effective new models that we create.