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We connect members with each other, as well as decision makers, to exchange learnings and best practice, and share solutions for how policies and processes could better support businesses to grow, thrive, and have a lasting impact.

Rebuilding with Equity and Climate Resilience

Amid COVID-19, and increasing calls for social equity and climate action, our local business community’s survival is more critical now than ever. To support local businesses as they assess what rebuilding and reinventing means for them, this workshop series is designed to provide a framework and toolkit to help stabilize and rebuild business while being positive contributors to a strong, equitable, and climate-resilient local economy.

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Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable

These intentionally intimate meetings connect local independent businesses with elected officials and other key decision makers in the city, region, and state to discuss topics relevant to the local independent business community, particularly those that are practicing the triple bottom line.

Past guests include Mayor Jim Kenney, Director of Commerce Harold Epps, Chief Administrative Office Christine Derenick-Lopez, City Council representatives, and PA State Representative Leanne Krueger-Braneky.

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Best Practice Forums

SBN’s Best Practice Forums are an inspiring series that bring local businesses together to exchange learnings and challenges related to being an independent business, with a focus on practicing the triple bottom line.

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