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About Membership

We are a community of local independent businesses that demonstrates the degree to which businesses can build profitable enterprises while serving community needs, sharing wealth, and protecting the environment.

As a diverse group of local independent businesses in the Greater Philadelphia region, we are joined by a common perspective that success is measured on the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

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“SBN membership has brought us closer to the movers and shakers in Philadelphia’s broader movement for socially- and environmentally-responsible business. SBN creates open channels of communication with local policymakers and fellow entrepreneurs, deepens our network of relationships, and proves again and again that there is value in values-driven economics.”

Jenn HombachCity CoHo

Member Connections

We share the myriad ways members collaborate with each other to grow their business and overcome obstacles.

We develop programs and events that foster a supportive local business environment where businesses can connect and discover the many ways, some apparent and some unexpected, that they can support each other.

Networking is a benefit of SBN Membership that can sometimes be hard to measure; however, one way that we can qualify networking potential is through telling the stories of how our members have built connections inside and outside of their industry or sector as a result of SBN membership.

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“I have made a number of valuable contacts through SBN events and just through the SBN community.”

Pete AngevineLittle Baby’s Ice Cream

Member Stories

We promote the strengths of a local economy and the triple bottom line by highlighting members’ stories of impact, impetus, and inspiration.

Whether through products, services, internal practices, or a combination of all three, SBN members are challenging business as usual and demonstrating that businesses can do well and do good.

Early stage companies and established businesses alike are making a difference. Members’ stories of positive impact inspire the community and serve as evidence that a thriving local impact economy is evolving from possibility to practice.

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“We love being connected to a supportive network. It is overwhelming to see the wealth of business leaders who have similar missions and motivations to make the business environment, physical environment, and general world a better place.”

Jenn Richey NicholasPixel Parlor

Find a Triple Bottom Line Business

Our online membership directory is region’s go-to resource for discovering local, independent, mission-focused businesses. Businesses use it to make connections, build new partnerships, and grow their business. Conscious consumers use it to ensure that their money spent in our local economy stays in our local economy.