Membership Benefits

SBN’s membership benefits are focused on providing businesses with relevant content, meaningful community, and effective advocacy. All members – regardless of their revenue – have access to SBN’s benefits. Memberships allow for the business representative and 5 additional employees to take advantage of these benefits.



No point in our lifetimes more loudly reinforces how critical local independent businesses are to our economy, the impact that climate change has on our economy, and the degree to which historically underrepresented communities continue to be marginalized. And yet, government actions continue to be insufficient to meet both the need and the opportunity to tackle these issues. SBN’s advocacy focuses on policies that advance a thriving, equitable, climate resilient, local economy.

Business members benefit from the opportunity to inform SBN’s local and state advocacy, addressing specific issues that affect their triple bottom line.


A community of practice is a group that shares a craft or profession, a passion for their work, and who engage in a process of collective learning in their shared domain.  SBN applies this model to local independent businesses with owners eager to exchange with each other on how to best use their business as a force for good.  Members benefit from unique and quality networking with like-minded business owners, industry leaders, and city and state policymakers; as well as platforms to post job openings and learn about relevant news and events.

  • Events:
    • Annual Members Meeting
    • Holiday Party
    • Open Houses
  • Platforms:
    • Email communications
    • Social media
    • Digital jobs board


SBN serves local independent businesses committed to being change agents in the movement towards equity and climate resilience.  Members benefit from programming and resources designed to inform about elements of practicing the triple bottom line, inspire improvements in business practices, and create important opportunities for civic dialogue.

  • Programming:
    • Best Practice Forums
    • Business Roundtables*
    • Rebuilding with Equity and Climate Resilience
    • Workshops informed by current events and issues
  • Initiatives:
    • Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners (an industry partnership)
    • Responsible Food Partners Working Group
    • Renewable Energy Partners Working Group
  • Business Resources:
    • SBN’s Members-Only Newsletter, which provides important monthly updates to members about programming, funding opportunities, resources, and relevant policy news
    • SBN’s exclusive access to:
      • Employee Handbook Template, Anti-Discrimination Policy Template, and other downloadable resources
      • Owner contact information for fellow SBN’s members
      • Downloadable SBN Member Seal for use on members’ email signatures, website, and other promotional materials
      • Free tickets or discounted rates for all SBN programs and events
      • Access to member-only programming

Business Membership Eligibility

SBN members are independently-owned businesses headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia region that are committed to practicing the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profitability. To be eligible for SBN’s Business membership, businesses should meet the following criteria:


  • Headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia region.
  • More than 50% of the business’s owners live within 50 miles of the business headquarters.


  • Private, worker, cooperative, or community ownership.
  • Decision-making authority is vested in the local owners and not subject to conditions dictated remotely (i.e. owners can make independent decisions on business practices, purchases, distribution, business name, and branding).

Triple Bottom Line

  • Currently practicing and/or committed to improving business’ triple bottom line. There are so many ways that businesses can practice and measure this framework, and SBN is able to meet the needs of those just getting started in this area, or seasoned professionals who want continued education and a supportive network.

For mission-aligned businesses that don’t meet SBN’s criteria for local independent ownership, but want to be aligned with SBN, connect with our members, and engage in our work, we offer several affordable sponsorship opportunities. Learn more about SBN’s sponsorship opportunities, and contact [email protected] for the options that best meet your needs.

Nonprofit Membership

For mission-aligned nonprofits that don’t meet SBN’s business membership criteria, but want to be aligned with SBN, connect with our members, and engage in our work, we offer a Nonprofit Membership, starting at an affordable $500/year.

To be eligible for SBN’s Nonprofit Membership, organizations need to meet the following criteria:


  • Headquartered in the Greater Philadelphia region (see map)


  • Organizations that are exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c) (3), Section 501(c)(4), or Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax exempt, non-partisan, and secular per the federal tax code

Triple Bottom Line

  • Currently practicing and/or committed to improving organization’s triple bottom line

Businesses and nonprofits eligible for membership that want to invest more in SBN and gain greater visibility are also encouraged to consider sponsorship. See our Sponsorship page to learn more about the opportunities SBN offers and all the incredible businesses that choose to sponsor SBN.

Business Membership Dues

SBN values the diverse range of our regional community’s assets, perspectives, and voices. We believe that the broadest possible participation of different races, genders, and other identities is vital to our ability to best serve our mission.  To support equitable access to SBN membership, while ensuring that SBN can continue to provide relevant content, meaningful community, and effective advocacy:

  • SBN’s annual membership dues are based on a sliding annual revenue scale and not intended to exceed 0.1% of a business’s annual revenue.
  • SBN’s annual membership dues start at $300/year for businesses with annual revenue less than $300,000, and increases in $100 increments, capping at $1,600/year.
  • Businesses with fewer than $300k in annual revenue, but unable to pay all or part of the $300 are encouraged to reach out to [email protected] or 215.922.7400 to discuss options.

Other membership fees:

  • New Member Processing Fee: $50
  • Late Member Renewal Fee: $25
    • Members that renew past their scheduled membership renewal date will be charged a renewal fee. Renewals on or before renewal date are no-charge.
  • **GSI Partners: $350/year
    • GSI Partners is an add-on to SBN membership. In addition to SBN’s standard membership benefits, SBN’s GSI Partners offers industry-specific content, community, and advocacy.  Businesses that fit the criteria for the initiative pay a flat annual fee (in addition to their SBN membership dues), which supports SBN’s ability to provide these unique and additional benefits. This fee is automatically calculated when choosing the GSI Partners membership options.
Previous 12 Months of RevenueYearly DuesCoupon Code
$300K or Less$300B300
$301K – $400K$400B400
$401K – $500K$500B500
$501K – $600K$600B600
$601K – $700K$700B700
$701K – $800K$800B800
$801K – $900K$900B900
$901K – $1M$1000B1000
$1M – $1.1M$1100B1100
$1.1M – $1.2M$1200B1200
$1.2M – $1.3M$1300B1300
$1.3M – $1.4M$1400B1400
$1.4M – $1.5M$1500B1500
$1.5M or More$1600(no code needed)
$500K or Less (Nonprofits only)$500N500
$500K or More (Nonprofits only)$800(no code needed)
**GSI PartnersAdditional $350(calculated with GSI Membership selection)

Hardship accommodations can be made for any business who wants to join or renew with SBN. Our mission is to serve the local independent business community as best we can, and at no point in our lifetimes has this community been more challenged. Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll connect with you to find solutions to any financial barriers.

Terms and Other Important Information

  • Dues provide one year of membership beginning on the date that dues are first received.
    • All members that renew before or within 30 days after their scheduled renewal date will maintain their renewal date.  Members that renew 31+ days after their scheduled renewal date will receive a new renewal date, one year to the date of receipt of the late payment.
  • Members may submit edits to their public profile at any time.
  • SBN occasionally seeks information from our members through surveys and other forums to help us best serve and advocate for you; by joining SBN, you affirm that you will cooperate as much as possible with these requests for information.
  • By joining SBN, you affirm that all business information you submit is true to the best of your knowledge.  You grant SBN permission to seek verification of organization data and acknowledge that your membership may be suspended if any critical information is found to be untrue.
  • Any member may be suspended or terminated for cause, including nonpayment, by SBN’s Board of Directors.  No member shall be suspended or terminated unless the reasons have been set forth in writing and a copy thereof sent to the member in question thirty (30) days prior to the date on which the Board of Directors will consider such suspension or termination.
  • Any member may terminate its membership with SBN at any time.  If a member terminates its membership with SBN, dues will not be refunded.
  • SBN respects your privacy and will never sell or otherwise share confidential information without your consent.  However, SBN may use your name or other non-confidential, publicly available information for marketing or other reasonable purposes.

Please carefully read SBN’s eligibility criteria and dues structure, and reach out to [email protected] with any questions so that we may better serve you.


“When we attend SBN events, we always find good conversation and worthwhile relationships. Being a member has been beneficial. We connected several years ago with a member who carries our products at their cafe.”

Rebecca GoldschmidtThe Random Tea Room

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