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Discover new connections. Deepen relationships. Stay informed. Build capacity. Increase visibility. Use your voice.

Becoming a GSI Partner means being an SBN Member, and joining our community immediately connects you to the region’s most inspiring businesses proving that you can build a profitable enterprise and create social equity and climate resilience. We are committed to helping you grow your business and be a change agent for a just, green, and thriving local economy.

Being a GSI Partner member means being an SBN member.



SBN Members who are part of our GSI Partner initiative enjoy the following benefits:


We provide regular opportunities to engage with other industry professionals, potential clients, decision makers, and other stakeholders.

Stay Informed

We keep you in the know. Stay up to date on relevant policy and processes/procedures, and take advantage of opportunities to provide your feedback to ensure efforts are made to best incentivize and facilitate GSI, and keep public and private investments local.

Increase Visibility

Your peers, property owners, and developers are looking for your business. Be listed in the GSI Partners online searchable directory, and become part of the network of qualified local GSI professionals that is relied on for public and private stormwater management needs.

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