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Discover new connections. Deepen relationships. Stay informed. Build capacity. Increase visibility. Use your voice.

Becoming a GSI Partner means being an SBN Member, and joining our community immediately connects you to the region’s most inspiring businesses proving that you can build a profitable enterprise and create social equity and climate resilience. We are committed to helping you grow your business and be a change agent for a just, green, and thriving local economy.

Being a GSI Partner member means being an SBN member.



“Over the last 10 years, I’ve been so impressed with SBN’s programming and advocacy for its membership. I’ve also really appreciated the ways SBN and GSI Partners have created opportunities to celebrate Philadelphia’s business innovations in new ways, such as the Excellence in GSI Awards ceremony. It means a lot to me to feel like I’m part of a larger business community that cares about the triple bottom line.”

Kate FarquharOLIN

In addition to SBN’s general membership benefits, GSI Partners receive the following industry-specific benefits:


GSI Partners benefit from unique and quality networking with local industry leaders and city and state policymakers. Our members enjoy access to a trusted peer community and curated events, such as the Annual Excellence in GSI Awards, the region’s only ceremony celebrating the triple bottom line of GSI.


SBN’s GSI Partners advocate to local and state decision-makers to ensure nature-based stormwater practices are prioritized and incentivized. GSI Partners members have opportunities to inform policy change and meet with decision-makers.


GSI Partners’ programming and resources are designed to keep members up-to-date and informed on industry news and best practices. We provide low to no-cost programming for our members, and an ever-growing list of resources and materials.

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