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It’s happening.

The region is experiencing a dynamic movement.

We are thankful that our community is a driving force at the heart of it.

A thriving impact economy is evolving from possibility to practice, and Greater Philadelphia is a beacon.

Our local economy is and can continue to be, a proof of concept that measuring success beyond a conventional bottom line is more than just the right thing to do, but also the future of business.

Since we cannot logistically join all of you around your dinner table to join in on the required “What are you thankful for” conversation, and because our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, we want to take this time to share with you why we are thankful for the many expressions of the triple bottom line in our region and what this signals for our future as a just, green, and thriving local economy.

From local government to the local business ecosystem, the spirits of localism and the impact economy are energized.

Last week, at our final Entrepreneurs’ Roundtable policy breakfast of the year, members sat down with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney at R2L Restaurant.

We are thankful for his commitment to protecting our sanctuary city status, to investing in the education of our region’s future workforce, to upholding the values of the Paris Accord on a local level, and to working to improve energy use and costs for government buildings with the Philadelphia Municipal Energy Master Plan for the Built Environment.

For this and many other reasons, we continue to be thankful that our local officials share a similar vision for how we can support the resiliency of our neighborhoods and the protection of our waterways and green spaces.

We are thankful for Greenworks, the city’s sustainability plan, and the city’s bold Zero Waste goal to divert 90% of our waste from landfills by 2035, and all the people who are helping to successfully implement these plans.

We are thankful for Rebuilding Community Infrastructure aka Rebuild and its vision to engage WMDBE owners and support a diverse workforce to improve our public spaces.

We are thankful that Philadelphia is a leader and innovator in green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) and for Green City, Clean Waters, Philadelphia’s long-term control plan to protect and enhance our urban watersheds, manage our urban stormwater, and meet EPA Clean Water Act regulations with the power of nature-based systems. Through our signature initiative, GSI Partners, we have front row seats to witness advancements and connections being made in the local GSI industry every day.

We are thankful for examples of initiatives like Clean Power PA where business owners and community members convene to make a positive impact in our region. SBN is proud to be part of this coalition to protect the environment and power the economy through clean energy. 

We are also thankful to be a lead partner in the Best for PHL initiative, which empowers businesses to improve their workforce, environment, and community through awareness and connection to resources. (Click here to take the Best for PHL Challenge.)

We are thankful for the support of our funders and sponsors and for the members who every day demonstrate the degree to which businesses can build profitable enterprises AND serve community needs and protect the environment.

For those fighting to make our local economy more diverse and inclusive, for those who are challenging and reinventing business as usual, for those who are forming partnerships that will birth innovation, for those who mentor and teach young entrepreneurs, and for those who would get more sleep if it wasn’t for that unrelenting and inspirational urge that gets you out of bed to use business as a force for good — we are thankful for you.

Get some rest and let’s hit the ground running after the holiday.

And as you prepare for a season of purchases, don’t forget that our online Sustainable Business Directory is the go-to resource for locating local independent businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Region.

Your SBN Team

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